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IT Support

Remote and Site Services

No magic here. Every IT firm that operates in this space adheres to a common and accepted set of standards, practices, and technologies. At least they should; we do. Remote access / support is always deployed using one or another combination of high-encryption-level remote control applications that provides either on-demand access to the desktop / server (governed by the client) or unattended access using multi-factor controls. Similarly, site support always involves “rolling a truck.”

However similar the methodologies for providing remote and site support services, there are vast differences in terms of their execution. And this is where Arimis shines, with the starting point being the call you make asking for support.

Unlike many IT firms that “pre-screen” calls, assign “service tickets”, and route them to a queue for later call-back or email, a support call to Arimis is always answered on the first or second ring, and always by a tier-2 level engineer who is able to address your issue on the spot. An instant remote session will reveal If the problem can be resolved right away and, if so, that’s what will happen. If resolution will take more time than you can afford at the moment, a temporary “work-around” will be offered (where possible), and a durable resolution of the original problem will be scheduled / implemented at a time when it is less burdensome to you.

Many, if not most, support issues lend themselves to resolution via remote access. However, If hands-on to the physical machine access is needed, we’ll roll a truck without delay, and the same tier-2 person you spoke with will continue to handle the issue to resolution.

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