Arimis Computer Systems

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Who / What

First the "what." Arimis is the most mature (founded in 1983) provider of computer system and application support services in the Bay Area. Our roots extend back to the dawn of desktop computing, and actually predates the original PC by a year. Most of our clients have been with us from the beginning.

The "who" is a core of Windows gurus, hardware geeks, network nerds, and application specialists, with an extended base of strategically allied professionals that focuses on web design, broadband, email, remote backup and cloud presence, database applications, and ethernet design and installation (copper, fiber, and wireless).

Where / When

It’s hard to ignore your roots, and 31 years in the same neighborhood is a pretty firm plant. As a result, the 12 square blocks of downtown San Francisco (and the firms located therein) – still represents our primary catchment area. However . . .

With home and remote-office use of the very same computing elements found in the office, our focus expanded. Our ability to support remotely wherever our clients happen to live (home-offices) pushed 12 square blocks to 50 square miles. And client expansion and remote offices pushed the limit even further. We now include in our catchment area systems as far away as Paris, and everything in between.

Why / How

There is only one reason why we spend 12 hours a day (weekdays and weekends when necessary) focused on computer system and application support – we absolutely love everything having to do with computers and applications. We couldn’t do what we do -- for as long as we have done it -- without an enduring and consuming devotion to our science and craft. This is not lost on our clients who regard our costs as being more than in line with the competition and value they receive from us.

How we are able to please so often and so consistently is the result of
evolution (nearly 30 years of immersion, professional, and avocational interest in computer science) and revolution (the maturation of various remote applications that allow us to access any computer instantly -- anywhere, any time -- to effect repairs and provide OS and application support as though we were sitting in front of it). As a consequence, we are able to remotely diagnose and repair nearly every level of computer system dysfunction.

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