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Who, What, Where . . .

Who / What

The Who is a core group of Windows, hardware, software, and network people – all stake-holders in the company. Our core competencies are augmented by an extended base of specialist organizations and linked professionals (external) who are able to drill down and provide solutions to client needs that go beyond our ken -- web design, broadband delivery, high bandwidth cabling, email server services, remote backup, cloud computing, database applications, etc. All told, we try (and generally succeed) to be as much of a soup-to-nuts service provider as possible.

What is pretty much as you'd expect -- the care and feeding of your network fixtures, workstations, peripherals, and applications -- with the goal of ensuring as close to 100% uptime and full function as possible. Having been in this space since the dawn of the microprocessing and desktop computing, we've seen and dealt with just about everything.


After 35+ years in the same general location (just blocks outside the downtown SF business core), our principal catchment area continues to be this 20 square block area. Being so close allows us to very rapidly respond to issues requiring site services (as in just about zero travel time).

This is not to say we don't serve a broader geographic base of clients -- we do. The only difference is the time it takes to deploy site services (the further away, the longer it takes). Fortunately, physically being on site to effect resolution of issues has become less important.

Remote monitoring and management has matured to the point where our service paradigm has shifted away from one based solely on a geography (proximity) to one based on accessibility via the internet. At this juncture (and for some years), most, if not all, of our work is performed via remote access. Site work is generally reserved for physical deployment of system elements and when all five senses are needed for diagnostic intervention.

When / Why

We operate from 7:30am to 7:30pm, each weekday. Nights, weekends, and holidays are not sacrosanct, but are generally reserved for system work too disruptive to our clients to perform during prime-time business hours.

There is only one reason why we devote so much time to our chosen profession – we absolutely love everything having to do with computers, applications, and peripherals. We wouldn’t do it otherwise. This is not lost on our clients who, when you cut to the chase, only want immediate and knowledgeable resolution of their system issues. This we deliver, at a rate that is in line with the competition.

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