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Site Support


Our centralized location in the heart of San Francisco facilitates access to and support of the down-town Bay Area corridor which contains the preponderance of our current and future clients -- firms engaged in the practice of law, accountancy, financial management, construction management, real-estate management, hospitality, and precision manufacturing. The combined effect of proximity and line-access translates to turn-around time for problem resolution in the sub-2 hour range.

Principal among our site services are implementation and support of local area network servers and infrastructure, workstations, wide area data communications, and all hardware, software, and logic that makes the office work. I
n addition and as a result of our longevity, experience, and focus, we provide expert and professional support with respect to . . .

  • time and billing applications
  • litigation support applications
  • enterprise accounting applications
  • inventory control applications
  • process control applications (including vector and raster graphic machine control)

And, of course, we cover the waterfront when it comes to supporting the stuff we all use . . .

  • word-processing
  • spread-sheet
  • presentation
  • bookeeping
  • anti-virus and anti-malware

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